How to Turn “No” into “Yes” with Storytelling Techniques

Consistently Hit Sales Targets and Avoid Embarrassing Forecast Meetings

Go ahead, do something!

To stand out, you have to first stand up!
Stop Making Excuses. Start Making Sales!

Improve Your Team's Numbers

You’ve been doing sales for years, and you know how to get results. Why does it seem like people are more inclined to say no these days? You haven’t changed - but the world has. People have shorter attention spans, there is more competition, more distractions and more noise. You need to find a way to break through and effectively communicate your message. My WorkShops focus on the most common obstacles sales people deal with and can be tailored to your specific needs. The areas of focus include:

Negotiation: Getting to the Yes!

Objection Handling

Getting the Appointment

Building the Strategy


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The Process

Rooted in adult learning principles, my workshops are challenging, interactive, dynamic, fun and loaded with great tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.In order to ensure the application of the new learnings and processes, every training session concentrates on 3 key elements.


Prep Up
Create Focus & Build Intentionality

• Leadership buy-in and endorsement
• Alignment and Commitment with expectations
• Preparation of Trainees


Step Up
Provide Quality Learning Interventions

• Great facilitation
• Skill based learning
• Active learning Engagement
• Practice with feedback


Follow Up
Support Performance Improvement

• Realistic action plan
• Manager's Commitment
• Opportunity & encouragement to apply 
• Coaching and feedback

About Me

I work as an inspiring speaker, consultant, and Master Storyteller. My experience spans over 24 years of hands-on knowledge in the science of building and implementing sales training and leadership programs in organizations across the globe. This experience has seen me progress in my sales career from working as a telemarketing agent to becoming a VP of Sales.

I have “walked the walk” and it always excites me to share my secrets of success. I have had the privilege of supporting organizations such as Microsoft, HP, Walmart, TELUS, Apple, EY, KPMG, RBC, and TD Canada Trust to empower their sales teams to define and leverage their unique brand stories. 

I believe that storytelling has a profound impact on people. It effortlessly shifts your audience into their imaginative state where you dictate not only the direction of the story but also the path you want your prospect to take.

It’s the only technique that allows you to build instant connections and instil trust in less than a minute. 

My research-based presentations and workshops are approachable, articulated and captivating; the delivery is concise, emotional, and impactful!

The presentations and workshops focus on helping business leaders inspire positive, actionable change while creating competitive advantages through Storytelling Experiences that are exceptional and unexpected. This typically results in revenue growth, happier sales teams, delighted customers and ultimately increased referrals.

”This was an excellent workshop, and I highly recommend it as it was very relevant to our everyday sales environment. Developing a library of stories and teaching my sellers how to handle objections better with stories is very valuable. Ed provided good pace, humor and relevant information all throughout the training. My only wish is that we could have had more time to practice increasing our sales! “

Marc Rheaume

VP, Hospitality Inns Ltd.

Ed was very good at showing the value of storytelling in terms of developing a stronger relationship with someone. Making yourself more relate-able to your client. Not to mention how your services might relate to a time that they experienced and how you might solve a problem for them. His personal past became clear and his success became easier to relate to on my level. This is of value to anyone, not only in sales.

Jamie Strahl

Global Corporate Travel Advisor

"I would rate my workshop experience as very good. I realized that my stories have to be specific to the situation and not in general.  They must match the objections and make it relatable to the prospect and not about my services and what we do - but how we helped someone."
Howie Colt


"Ed, you have a gift for not only telling great stories but teaching how to integrate them into a sales call. Our sales team truly enjoyed the day they spent with you, As many of them would said, "Training is usually boring, Ed made it fun and inspiring. We really learned how to transform a difficult cold call into a positive result. Amazing techniques." I strongly recommend Ed for sales training, he really helped kickstart our year. Thanks again."
Ron Mathurin

General Manager, G&K Services

“Thank you for the great training day! The feedback on Friday was very positive! My expectations were met as I know that based on conversations with representatives to date, all of them left with pearls to implement. For myself, the use of “911” and having a “tool box” of stories to use with potential customers was a key!  My second pearl is using the energy of our opponent and finding a common ground so we are walking side by side and not pushing one another back and forth (not always easy as emotions can run high when you are in the heat of the call!)  Your commercial at the end of class really hit home! Keeping our language positive, staying away from the word “but”, and having a pleasant, upbeat vibe on both the telephone and in person are things I believe in 100%."

Suzanne Grether

District Sales Manager

"Fantastic. My biggest takeaways were that I was using “yes, but…” logic instead of stories to compel people and that emotions are necessary to find relevance. I loved the stories; this information makes sense and feels doable. Loved the analogy of Boxing vs Aikido. This will stay with me forever. You were patient even when we were way off bore with our presentations, role plays and working in teams."

Erin Hamilton